Who is Julie?


The Personal:

As a child I made lists of who I was: girl, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt, Catholic, student. As a teen I added: friend, godmother, drill teamer, actress, traveler, receptionist. College brought: Wildcat, sorority sister, Midwesterner, Probation Officer Aide. As time passes more titles could be added: marathoner, MBA, advertising exec, improviser, writer, and wife.

Today I am a post-corporate workingwoman, aunt to a large number of niephews (my collective noun for nieces and nephews), godmother to many, late-to-marriage wife and part-time college teacher. I still run – short distances – love theater, travel as much as possible and write.

I’ve mentioned being an aunt twice. Why?  Well, I don’t have children of my own and aunting has been important to my personal development. My life perspective is informed by what I believe defines aunting:  humor, honesty, empathy, impartiality, nuance and a little bit of rule bending. This is just how I see the world.

The Professional:

I’m a former advertising/marketing executive with great titles such as: Director of Mind and Mood, Global Consumer Advocate and Director of Insight and Foresight.

As a result I’ve tasted pork rinds right out of the fryer and flipped burgers in a Boulder burger joint.  I’ve shopped for shoes in the name of research and talked to young men in Dubai, about being a young man in Dubai, after studying the mood of teens around the world.

Amidst all that I was a Chicago Tribune workplace columnist and a radio commentator on American Public Media’s Marketplace program. Currently I am a freelance writer,and Adjunct Professor of Consumer Insight at Northwestern University’s Medill School.  I do an occasional marketing consult too.

My writing and viewpoints have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Advertising Age. And I’ve appeared as a business humorist on CNBC, CNNfn, Fox News, WGN-TV, WOR-AM and other radio networks

The Professional Student:

I have an affinity for school. Always loved getting new notebooks and back-to-school clothes. So far I have an MBA and MA (social service), BS (human development and social policy), as well as certificates in Creative Writing, Creative Problem Solving, and Improvisational Theater from The Second City Chicago Training Center.

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