Back in Business Again


Going back to work in the corporate world meant going back to business travel. To be honest, the chance to travel was one of the big reasons I entertained the idea of corporate life again. I love to travel and some of the nicest hotels and best airplane rides I’ve had have been corporate sponsored.

My transition back to the 9-5+ has not been without its interesting moments. First time I called a benefit hotline for new hires I was offered a conversation in a private phone booth with the girl of my dreams. I carefully dialed 866 (not 800) the next time and signed up for health and dental with a private conversation, recorded for training purposes

I now commute to the land beyond O’Hare airport. For those of you not in the Chicago region, that means far, far away from my downtown neighborhood. First drive to the office went without a hitch. Second time was full of hitches. Somehow the directions I printed from Google left out step #8, which meant that I drove west instead of north. I am directionally challenged when I get outside of either seeing the lake (it is always east) or being guided by Chicago’s easy grid & numbering system. Luckily, I only have to drive to the burbs once a week.

Which brings me to my latest escapade. I’m sitting in an airplane lounge awaiting my first international business trip in many years. And I am excited. International makes it feel a little less business to me, for some reason. And I’m going to a location where I will be able to visit family, turning the trip into an international business–with a side–of personal trip.

I have been sitting in this lounge for a long time. For most of the inauguration parade, from what I can tell. I’m here enjoying the free Diet Coke and crackers instead of lunch at home because I misread my ticket. I arrived 4.5 hours early for my trip because I looked at my ticket for my return home. This is not a complaint. At least I’m in an airport lounge. And the bands along the parade route are good entertainment. This is just a reality check for me. I’m back in business again. Time to check everything twice, because the difference between a questionable telephone connection or a unexpected layover is just a few digits away.



  1. Welcome back to Business Class!

    • Julie (Author)

      Oh, if it were always business class!

  2. Congrats on being back in the saddle again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the corporate world that I give you a lot of credit! Good for you, Julie. Good for you. Safe travels…

    • Julie (Author)

      Two weeks in and I’m still standing. It’s a learning experience, as “they”say!

  3. Congrats on the new leg of your life journey. Enjoy! (And may this specific trip be hitch-less!)

    • Julie (Author)

      Thanks so much. This new keg feels like an old leg in a new stocking! Never expected this.

  4. Helene Bludman

    Best of luck, Julie! Sounds like even with the hitches you’re doing well.

  5. Congrats. Just adjustment jitters. Could have been so much worse, you arrived 4.5 hours late!

    • Julie (Author)

      You are do right!

  6. Congratulations on your new job. Nice to see women our age recognized for their skills!

    • Julie (Author)

      I actually think that my age – or at least my experience which came with age – is one reason I got this job. Thanks for commenting, Walker.

  7. Congratulations, Julie!! Eager to read more about this newest encore career!

    • Julie (Author)

      Thanks Marci. I feel as if I’m on my second or third encore by now. Someday I’ll have to leave the stage, but not now!

  8. Kristen Vehill

    Congratulations on the new gig! (what IS the new gig?? Lol) In the words of Maurice Sendak, Let the wild rumpus start! XXXOOO

    • Julie (Author)

      Kristin, Thanks. I sort of feel like Max right now…there are unknown things lurking behind every new closet door and under the desks!

  9. Congrats on your new endeavor and transition back into the corporate world…they are lucky to have you! Love to hear more about what you are doing? Charlotte sends her best.

    • Julie (Author)

      Peter, Thanks for the good wishes and comment on the blog. I’m back in snacks but in a marketing capabilities position. Great opportunity. Give my best to Charlotte, too.

  10. Karen Snepp

    Big difference between a few letters, too. Always check the auto-correct on that smartphone!
    Enjoy the new gig!

    • Julie (Author)

      Snepper – the auto-correct has probably done in a few good careers. Good tip!

  11. What a great way to start 2013!! Let me know when your travel brings you to Hong Kong! We can go dim sum together and I’ll take you shopping for petite outfits that’s oh so hard to find in the states!

    • Julie (Author)

      Inggrid – If I’m ever in Hong Kong, I will call! Dim sum, petite outfit shopping – sounds like a perfect day. Best of luck to you. Please let your fans know where you land.

  12. I miss this type of employment…I traveled much in my younger life! I hope you have tons of fun and joy in your new position! I look forward to reading of your experiences. I am a fellow Gen Fab member!

    • Julie (Author)

      Thanks Pam. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead and will be sure to share.

  13. Really happy for you Julie. I’m a big fan! I know you’ll find humor and adventure in whatever you do. Please keep in touch.

    • Julie (Author)

      Sheryl, Thanks for your continued support. I still need to “announce” my fan page. May need another nudge/directions from you!. We will keep in touch!

  14. It sounds like fun. I love traveling for whatever reason.

    • Julie (Author)

      I’m with you Janie!

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