Broad Shoulders and Me: The Making of A Podcast

My first ever podcast, produced by Broad Shoulders, is now up and streaming at Broad Shoulders is a collaborative effort of the live reading and open mic nights in Chicago committed to bringing the Chicago live lit community to a broader audience. If you didn’t know, Chicago is the self-proclaimed live lit capital of the world. And I’m happy to be part of it, broad shoulders and all.

Thanks to Nico Lang of, Dana Norris of Story Club Chicago, and Keith Ecker of Essay Fiesta. I had a great time writing the piece, performing it at Story Club, and finally taping it. So much fun that I don’t even mind that I was introduced as Julie Davis in the opening segment. That really doesn’t bother me because I was later introduced as Julie Danis (just like Davis but with an N) and my name is spelled correctly on the website. Maybe I should have changed my name after all. That last sentence won’t make sense unless you listen to my story about getting to marriage in mid-life, all the way to the end.

Happy Listening.

Click on Podcast

Installment #3 – I hope you enjoy the whole podcast, but if you want to skip to my story I’ve included the time codes below.

2:47 Julie Davis mention

15:17 Julie Danis introduced

15: 50 Julie Danis tells a story


  1. So nice to meet you at BlogHer, Julie Danis. (I spelled it correctly just for you!).
    If it makes you feel better, I have the most common name in the WORLD and it is always misspelled or mispronounced.
    Can’t wait to check out the podcast.

    • Julie (Author)

      Thanks for finding my blog! Thanks for the correct spelling. I’ll answer to any spelling and am often called Janis, Dana, or Judy. Great fun to meet you on that first day. Set the tone for me – fun and more fun. I’ll be following you!

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