Managing The Bucket List

Out on Lake Michigan last night, I discovered a new way to manage my bucket list. I have problem with lists. I make them and then think I’ve accomplished the items on the list just because I’ve listed them. So when my friend, Pamela, announced “I have just fulfilled something on my bucket list that I didn’t even realize was on my list,” I took note. Do something and cross it off the list that it wasn’t even on and embrace the sense of accomplishment that comes from the mental check mark that says, “Done.” Now that’s an efficient and winning way to manage a list.

Just in case you’re wondering what Pamela crossed off her list…”listening to the Grateful Dead (via Further:Phil Lesh & Bob Weir) while swimming under the stars!”

“…just keep truckin on.” Grateful Dead


  1. ric

    “….once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” (GD)

  2. Nice! I’m realizing I need to take some time and actually create “the list!”

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