Cousins-On-The Lake, my lakeside cottage, sits silent this morning save the sound of various workmen knocking loudly on the front door because the doorbell is broken (and bats have invaded the basement.) Last night’s giggles from two young nephews wrestling on a sugar high from confetti cake have long evaporated. Those boys, their father and sister are now golfing in the morning heat while I sit with their mother in the kitchen ready for lunch.

The annual Fourth of July week festivities started in earnest last Friday. So far we’ve boated, water-skied, paddled-boarded, swam, boogie boarded and set off last year’s left over sparklers.  Blueberry pancakes (more blueberry than batter), grilled chicken, burgers, and ribs. Sweet corn and watermelon. The fishing charter takes off tomorrow at 6:30 AM and I hope it returns with dinner or we’re ordering pizza!

Feels like an episode of a sitcom. What will upset this tranquil scene?

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