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My POV on COB and WLB

While I’ve been teetering between three volunteer “jobs” and creating content for my blog, book, and future radio program (no, I don’t have a program in development, but a girl can dream) a great debate has been stirring on work-life balance for working women. So much, maybe too much, has been said already so I won’t offer any new points of view. But I will share one point that I just read on HuffPost ( that resonated with me:

“I think work-life balance is something you can only achieve later in life,” said Merit E. Janow, a professor of international economic law and international affairs at Columbia University, the first woman member of the WTO Appellate Body and the chairman of NASDAQ Exchange LLC. She adds:  “You can’t start off with work-life balance and be successful. Period. If you’re not willing to acknowledge that, then there are certain lines of work that you shouldn’t go in. I think maybe people haven’t quite accepted that reality.”

I hear from many 20-somethings today that their new jobs require long hours, well past the proverbial 5pm end of business. They find it difficult to fit in volunteer work, exercise, or even cleaning their apartments. While I’m sympathetic, my response is: “Duh.” It’s work. Whether the work involves clients, sales, training, or services, whether it is profit or non-profit, creative or routine, it’s work and work happens when it needs to happen.  And rarely on your preferred schedule.

In my first post-MBA job I was asked for my POV by COB, which I quickly learned was point of view by close of business. But what was considered COB, I wondered? Five PM or midnight? Eastern or Central Time? My POV was that COB needed to be defined else I miss the deadline. And my POV on WLB (work-life balance) is that it’s all in your definition of balance and it’s not always in your control. That’s work and that’s life.

“Live a recommendable life.”

Those were the words of advice given to recent graduates of the part-time Integrated Marketing Communications master’s program at Northwestern University’s Medill School by Paul Rand, President and CEO of the Zocalo Group. He’s an expert in word-of-mouth marketing where recommendations make all the difference between success and failure. Good advice for anyone crafting their future.

Here’s a list of the advice gathered from attending four graduations this spring:

“Pay attention. To the 8th graders of St. Clement School, Chicago, IL.

“Be kind. Be Real. Persevere.” To the Seniors of Oakwood High School, Oakwood, OH.

“Setting priorities is not a compromise but a choice. Change directions before you fear you can’t afford to change direction.” To the Seniors of Denison University, Granville, OH.

“Live a recommendable life.” To the Integrated Marketing Communications graduate students at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Quite a lot of food for thought.

When I Am Old I, Will…

Here’s a poem by my niece who just graduated from high school. She wrote and shared it with me when she was 11 as part of a class assignment. Her plan to “wear a 70’s wig every Monday” was mentioned by one of the student speakers at her commencement. She was in a Groovy Dolls phase. I just like the joy of it all.


When I Am Old    

When I am old, I will play ding dong ditch everyday of the week.

I will have a multi-colored buggy as a car.

I will wear unmatching clothes everyday.

And wear a 70’s wig every Monday.


When I am old, I will have a 50″ screen TV,

Ten houses in different countries

And one of them will have a 50 foot long pool in my backyard.

I will also have an ocean named after me.


When I am old, I will have 75 cars and one will be my multi-colored buggy.

I will cure Type 2 diabetes for my neighbor

And have a country named after me.

I will take over Spain.


But for now I have to clean my room,

Do my chores, watch my little brothers.

And take care of my family.

And that’s just fine with me.


But don’t be too surprised, when I am old and you see me wearing my 70’s wig every Monday.


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